Detalle’s painting has, in recent years, been deeply influenced by a series of personal losses and by her own dual identity as an artist and a mother. In the space of five years Detalle suffered the deaths of her mother, her aunt and her brother and sister 18th months apart . In May 2022 she opened a seminal solo exhibition entitled “BIGGER THAN LIFE: In Loving Memory of Edouard Detalle” at One Art Space gallery, NYC. Working in a deliberate haze of pressure, Detalle sought to reach into her grief to evoke her brother and his complexities in the paintings. Many layered, and with subtle interplays of light and darkness that suggest interior and exterior emotional landscapes, the paintings stand not only as a memorial but as a living and passionate evocation of humanity, loss and love.

Detalle lights up describing her immediate, intense creative reaction to the energy of New York when she arrived on a one way ticket at the age of twenty four. The curiosity and experimentation of her early years in the city quickly led to her first serious works and to her growing realisation that she was, incontrovertibly, a self-taught artist. Whilst living in Paris and working in the financial sector Detalle had stood on the outside and looked into the windows of lighted first floor apartments, wondering at the beautiful artworks within.  Read More