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    Diane Detalle grew up on the French Riviera and graduated in business management before moving to Paris, London and then New York, where she originally worked in the finance sector. Having come to live and work in several countries, it is no small accident that her art reflects a genuine richness and variety. Taking the leap from finance to the art world over 10 years ago, Diane translates her free, energetic and spontaneous spirit into her creations.

    Painted on the floor through flourishes of the knife and often through a dripping technique, Diane Detalle’s work is rich in vitality and honesty. Each of her paintings becomes an intimate portrayal of her state of mind, a true reflection of her psychology at the moment of committing body and soul to the canvas. Momentum also shows clearly in her work, the revolutions of a gyroscope above the linen, allowing the viewer to both maintain and change orientation.

    On her art, Detalle says “Working on the floor allows me to be over the piece, which gives me a better perspective to balance the movements, colors and textures. About the creative side she describes how unpredictable it could be: ” Am I going to use the knife or am I going to drip? I don’t know. It’s a bit like a love story, I walk with it, it starts with me and finishes on the canvas”.

    Diane is exhibiting every year in different cities and countries and is always expanding her horizons.

    Diane currently lives and works in New York City.

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